SMS Portal

The Lexicon SMS Portal allows you to send bulk SMS with personalized messages.

This software is for you if you are:
An owner of a small or medium size business
A coaching center or a school or college
Important Features of Lexicon SMS Portal
  • Available over the Internet ...

    Available over the Internet - SMS portal is available over the Internet, and can be accessed from any geographical location. You can store your message templates and contacts online, and send the sms from any corner of the world!

  • Personalized Messages ...

    Personalized Messages - Typical bulk sms portals allow you to send messages in a fixed format only. With Lexicon SMS Portal you can easily create personalized messages like "Dear Kushal, you are invited to the opening ceremony of our school on 23rd Nov. Regards, Anshul". In this message, wherever you see individual names, it can automatically be replaced with the names in your contacts list.

  • Manage contacts ...

    Manage contacts - You can create your contact list, or the list of recipients to whom the sms has to be sent, in an Excel spreadsheet. This can be automatically transferred into the sms portal, and from there you can send it to the desired recipients.

  • Reports ...

    Reports - There are summary reports that allow you to get instant information about your sms transactions, like how many were successfully delivered, etc.

The Lexicon SMS Portals available :
In the "SaaS" (software as a service) model, it is available online over the Internet. In this model, a "subscription" has to be purchased to access the software.