Lexicon’s Hospital Management Software (HMS) allows capturing patient information and storing it electronically. All interactions with the patient viz. appointments, checkups, prescriptions, investigations, etc. can be stored in the software. Whenever a patient visits the hospital, their complete history becomes available to the Doctors. This enables the Doctor to provide them more effective treatment.

Who uses Lexicon Hospital Management System ?
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Important Features of LexHMS
  • Keep Electronic Medical Records Of Patients ...

    Electronic Medical Records or EMR, also protects the Doctors and the Hospital against fraudulent claims, or medico-legal cases filed against them. The software enables easy retrieval of patient’s previous visits to the hospital, and treatment given to the patient. It helps recollect the facts and provides the hospital to defend themselves in a medico-legal case. False claims submitted by patients can be pre-empted with the aid of this HMS software.

  • Front Desk Management ...

    Front Desk management module allows to accept appointments over the phone as well as walk-in, make appointments in advance,Followup appointments. Appointments can be scheduled for Consultation, Investigations, Day-Care Admissions. Appointment slots can be configured as per Doctor’s schedule and availability at the hospital. It allows Patient Registration and patient ID card generation. Detail Invoices and payment receipts, can be printed for the services availed at the hospital. For appointments that are cancelled, refund can be processed subject to proper authorization. If the patient has visited earlier, and they have outstanding dues, the software will alert the front-desk operator.All visits of patient are tracked in this module. After registering the visit services can be ordered, bills can be made and cash/credit cards/Cheques can be accepted.

  • Day-Care Management ...

    It’s allows ordering investigations, writing prescriptions, print prescription and progress notes, bed transfers, marking patient discharges, entering patient checkup details of illness specific to our department.

    Appointments are issued on the availability of “beds” in the hospital. Once the Doctor completes the procedure, the hospital staff using the HMS software can prepare the Discharge Summary. If the patient has no outstanding dues, the discharge summary can be printed and given to patient. The status of the Bed is then set by the hospital staff to be available, and this allows the Front-Desk to issue fresh appointments against the bed.

  • OPD Management ...

    OPD (Out-Patient) module provides customized checkup screens for each department. Based on the Department, Doctor will be able to capture specific attributes of the patient in the software. For example, an Eye Doctor will be prompted by the software to capture patient information like IOP, Disc, Macula etc. An Oncologist can select pre-defined “Protocols” for cancer treatment.

  • Pharmacy Management ...

    This HMS software module allows the Pharmacy Manager to maintain all drugs available in their store. For eg. if they want to check the quantity of Crocin available in their store, they can run a system report that displays the current levels of Crocin available in the store. If the level falls below a certain quantity, then the software automatically sends an alert to the store-owner to re-order Crocin. The store-owner can use the HMS software’s Purchase module to generate a “Purchase Order” for their Supplier. The supplier can then send them Crocin as per quantity specified in the Purchase Order.

The LexHMS is available in two Models :
In the “SaaS” (software as a service) model, it is available online over the Internet. In this model, a “subscription” has to be purchased to access the software.
In the “Offline” model, the software will be installed at your premises, and will be available for use on your internal network.