The Lexicon Learning Management System(LexiLMS) is for you if you are:

A Schoolor College or University.
A Coaching Center.
Individual in the educational industry or skill development.
Important Features of Lexicon Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Create customized hierarchy ...

    Create customized hierarchy ("n" levels eg. Subject, Topics, Chapters, Sections etc) for grouping or categorizing your course content

  • Content can include ...

    Content can include audio and video type content

  • Include practice tests ...

    Include practice tests or exercises at end of a Chapter or Lesson

  • Conduct score based ...

    Conduct score based tests or online examinations periodically

  • Graphical analytical ...

    Graphical analytical reports for students, and faculty

The Lexicon Learning Management Systemis available in two models:
In the “SaaS” (software as a service) model, it is available online over the Internet. In this model, a “subscription” has to be purchased to access the software.
In the “Offline” model, the software will be installed at your premises, and will be available for use on your internal network. However, user licenses have to be purchased.