Income Expense Tracker

The Lexicon Income Expense Tracker allows you to track your daily income and expense in a simple way. You do not require any prior knowledge of "Accounting" terminologies in order to use this application.

This software is for you if you are:
An owner of a small or medium size business
A coaching center or a school or college
A Professional like a Doctor or Lawyer
Important Features of Lexicon Income Expense Tracker
  • Create Entry ...

    Create Entry - With "Entries" module, you can create simple entries of your expense eg. Rs 1000 for petrol, or income eg. Rs 2000 received from sale of TV. You will record the item description, the date of transaction, amount transacted, and the type of transaction ie. Income, expense, capital.

  • Party ...

    Party - When you frequently transact with a vendor, you can permanently create their ID in the application. You can record your income or expense entries against this "party", and later run a summary report to view the list of transactions performed with this vendor during a specific period of time.

  • Reports ...

    Reports - There are summary reports that allow you to get instant information about your income expense transactions. For eg, you may want to see how much was spent against a specific project, or how much payment was received for that specific project, during a specific time period.

The Lexicon Income Expense Tracker is available in two models :
In the "SaaS" (software as a service) model, it is available online over the Internet. In this model, a "subscription" has to be purchased to access the software.
In the "Offline" model, the software will be installed at your premises, and will be available for use on your internal network. However, user licenses have to be purchased.