Easy Accounting

The Lexicon Easy Accounting allows you to manage your business accounting over the Internet, in a simple and logical approach. Basic knowledge of "Accounting" is required to use this application.

This software is for you if you are:
An owner of a small or medium size business A coaching center or a school or college A Professional like a Doctor or Lawyer
Important Features of Lexicon Easy Accounting
  • Available over the Internet ...

    Available over the Internet - Easy Accounting is available over the Internet, and can be accessed from any geographical location. Your Accountant can record the entries from the comfort of their office, while you can access daily summary reports while on the go! Whether you are on a business travel or on a vacation, you can instantly access your daily accounting summary over the Internet.

  • Essential Accounting Features ...

    Essential Accounting Features - Easy Accounting is easy to operate, yet it includes all essential features required of an industry standard accounting package:

    • Chart of Accounts (GL)
    • Dynamic Entry Types (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal etc.)
    • Ledger Account reconciliation
  • Reports ...

    Reports - There are summary reports that allow you to get instant information about your business accounts. eg, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Trial Balance, Ledger Statement. You can download reports in Excel (or CSV) format.

The Lexicon Easy Accountings available in two models :
In the "SaaS" (software as a service) model, it is available online over the Internet. In this model, a "subscription" has to be purchased to access the software.
In the "Offline" model, the software will be installed at your premises, and will be available for use on your internal network. However, user licenses have to be purchased.